Notify AnyWhere is a revolutionary invention in the field of Mobile Applications offering mass notification with cloud based automated and synchronous multi-national voice broadcast, bulk emails, bulk texts, video sharing and postings to several social channels all at the same time, around the globe with Converged infrastructure.

Version 1.1
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This is a FREE mobile app, designed to allow Individuals and Businesses - Small or Big; whether its Lawyers Office, Doctors Office, Educational Institutions, Sports Teams, Religious Organizations, Social Clubs, Fitness Centers, Childrens Learning and Physical Development Centers, RECenters, Yoga Centers, Day Care Centers and other Service Providers or individuals like Freelancers, Coaches, Trainers, Instructors, Teachers, Managers, etc. to deliver important news/information to Students, Players, Users, Members, Teachers, Employees, Contractors, Clients, Customers etc. on the GO, AnyWhere, AnyTime, with just a TOUCH of a finger; Quickly, Efficiently and for FREE.

This mobile app facilitates the best use of leading wireless technology to Broadcast related information; utilizing the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) techniques. "

It has been analyzed that the use of this mobile app not only help in sending the timely notifications but also increases the office Productivity, new Clientele with the use of Cost-Effective and Fast information Sharing technologies.

Remember a happy and informed client will spread the word about you and tell their friends.

A Happy Client is also a Loyal Client.

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