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What is Notify AnyWhere?

Notify Anywhere is a FREE to use and FREE to download Web/Mobile application providing one stop solution for all your effective communication needs.It is integrated with live database, offering various methods of scheduling and sending messages from voice to text, on the GO and from Anywhere, AnyTime and AnyDevice.

It is a revolutionary invention in the field of Mobile/Web Applications offering mass notification with cloud based automated and synchronous multi-national voice broadcast and text broadcast.

It provides a simple and user friendly one stop communication platform by combining the capability of Cloud Infrastructure, OLAP, IP telephony, and Scheduling

What can you do with Notify AnyWhere?

Notify AnyWhere is tightly integrated with multiple telecom operators around the world, providing its users: capabilities of broadcasting messages via global voice calls to international destinations as well as sending texts anonymously.

The process is completely automated, so you can do things that are more valuable to you and leave the reliability and effectiveness of your communication to Notify Anywhere.

Schools: K-12

Do you want to reach out to parents and staff quickly in the event of an emergency?

Do you have a way to reach out to parents for their involvement or keep them notify of their child's absences?

Notify AnyWhere's  K-12 API or Notify AnyWhere mobile app or web app can reach every parent and staff member in your school or district immediately via voice,  or text.

Relay accurate information instantly via telephone directly from your school's administration either in your voice or system read out.

'         Attendance Notifications

'         Weather-Related Delays

'         Emergency Alert

'         School Cancellations

'         Early Dismissals

'         Bus delays / routing changes

'         Schedule changes

'         Field trip updates

'         Fundraising initiatives

'         Flu notices / health warnings / disease outbreaks

'         PTA/PTO meeting reminders

'         Meeting notifications

'         Missing child alerts

'         Policy reminders

'         Sports and extra-curricular activity notices

Higher Education

Notify AnyWhere is a perfect campus alert system for colleges and universities that ought to communicate swiftly and effectively to all students, staff, volunteers, teachers, first responders, media and others.

Applications for Notify AnyWhere for Campus include:

'         Emergencies, Recent Outbreaks & Incidents : Notify Anywhere enables administrators and students to send the latest, most accurate information to the entire campus population or peers within minutes and avoid states of uncertainty.

'         Class Cancellations, Delays & Schedule Changes : Alert students, parents, faculty and staff of general notifications such as class cancellations, facility closures and reschedules.

'         Inclement Weather & Natural Disasters : Quickly and efficiently notify of unforeseen incidents such as severe weather, floods, earthquakes, and much more.

'         Campus Evacuations : Alert Campus population for any evacuation due to emergency situations like fire, flood, shooting etc.

 Medical Offices

Contacting patients for reminders, appointment confirmations, surveys, billing and results is an important part of your medical practice. It's also a time-consuming one.

With Notify AnyWhere, you can easily reach patients to schedule appointments, send reminders of upcoming appointments or collect unpaid medical bills.

'         Appointment reminders 

'         Collection Reminders

'         Lab Result Notifications

'         Surveys

'         Customer Relationship Management calls like Birthday wish, New Year wish etc.

'         Missed appointment reminders to let patients know they need to reschedule


 Commercial Property

'         Evacuation alerts : Alertyour tenants during evacuations due to reported fire or other circumstances

'         Emergency Response Management : Coordinate Staff in real time and Broadcast emergency alerts

'         Important Date Reminders : Remind tenants about lease renewal deadlines, office hours and holiday schedules, and seasonal changes that affect the property.

'         Routine Maintenance Notifications : Coordinate maintenance and grounds crews and give your tenants a heads-up planned and unplanned maintenance and repairs, planned outages, and snow removal updates.

'         Payment Reminders : Automate past-due reminders where recipients can press a key to be connected back to a billing office to make payments

Residential Property

'         Rent & Fee Notices : Automate past-due reminders where recipients can press a key to be connected back to a billing office to make payments

'         Event Reminders : Social events, classes; recipients can respond press a key to confirm attendance

'         Emergencies : Severe weather warnings, evacuation notices, security warnings, police actions

'         Operational Issues : Facility closures, alarm tests, maintenance, planned outages, snow removal updates

Utility Companies

Notify AnyWhere's Utility API enables you to communicate quickly and efficiently by automating your notification procedures. This, coupled with the ability to reach field response teams, employees, and customers via multiple communication channels including voice and text.

'         Quickly communicate with customers during unplanned outages

'         Survey customers following a customer service or technician interaction

'         Confirm appointments 

Who can use it?

Anyone:Individuals (including adults and youth), Businesses (of all sizes, shapes and verticals) as well as Government, Non-profit organizations, Universities, Students etc. all can use it; !!

Please read and accept Notify AnyWhere's Terms of Use and Privacy policy.

What is its practical use?

Its usage is very wide. It depends on each individual and entities on how and where they use it. However, we determine that it can be used in everyday's chores. Let see some examples here:

  1. You are a soccer coach: It's raining or the field is wet and you want to inform your students and parents. What are you going to do now? You are on the field, take out your phone or tablet and use Notify Anywhere to send one message in multiple formats.
  2. You went for window shopping and found there is a 70% sale on Victoria's S****. You want to inform all your friends quickly and effectively. That's when you will use Notify AnyWhere.
  3. You are on your way to work and suddenly you realized there is a need for an urgent meeting at 9:00 am with your client. How can you immediately inform your whole team? Take out your phone or tablet and use Notify Anywhere to inform your team members.
  4. There is a promotional event or you are running a promotion or it's that time of the year when Uncle SAM is the happiest person on the earth (TAX time). Use Notify AnyWhere and inform your clients, customers, friends, community etc.
  5. Organizing a movement like 'Kiss of Love 2014 protest'. That's when you will use Notify AnyWhere.
  6. It's election time, how can you reach to masses? Yes, you guessed it right. Use Notify AnyWhere and send your message in your language in your voice.
  7. There is an important announcement to make, an Invitation to send, or a Thank you note after an awesome party in your daughter's voice or a gentle reminderto send for tomorrow's appointment.
  8. You went somewhere and saw Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Bella Swan, Kendall Jenner or Aishwarya Rai. Can you stop your temptation of not telling everyone right away? That's when you will use Notify AnyWhere.
  9. It's Holiday time. Use Notify AnyWhere to wishing everyone Happy New Year or Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. You want to inform all your church family about an upcoming prayer meet.
  10. Informing that an Event, Class or Meeting has been delayed, cancelled, or rescheduled. That's when you will use Notify Anywhere.
  11. And the list can go on and on.

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