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Why we recommend disabling group messaging when using notify anywhere to send text to multiple recipients.

Posted on: 18 June 2015, Comments (0)


If group messaging is not disabled , everyone in the TO list can see each others reply and their numbers, when sending text to multiple recipients or groups or event/class participants using Notify Anywhere.


A restaurant " Yummy Tummy "  selects all their contacts in Notify Anywhere and select send text option to send their promotional offer to all their selected contacts. When sending text they did not disable the group messaging and so the message is sent as a group message. Restaurant's customers start replying "Thank you note"  to the original message. 

Because the message was sent as a group, the reply from each customer is sent back to the group; that means to EVERYONE (all recipients in the original message). This can be considered as a SPAM by some customers who do not wish to receive text from other customers. 

To avoid such situation, we recommend disabling group messaging, so that message is sent as a text message and not MMS


To disable group messaging on android phones:


1. From the Home screen, tap messages.

2. Tap the Menu icon in the upper right.

3. Tap Settings.

4. Tap Multimedia messages.

5. uncheck in Group conversation to disable Group messaging


To disable group messaging on iphone:


1. Go to settings.

2. Tap on messages

3. Turn off group messaging

 Please note steps to disable group messaging may vary on different phones and OS versions.

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