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Much awaited Notify AnyWhere launched

Posted on: 06 July 2015, Comments (0)

Much awaited mobile app #notifyanywhere has been launched. Enjoy !!

Notify AnyWhere is a Global Mass Notification & Social Sharing application that allow users to notify a list of contacts, groups, events or classes in a wide range of ways. From postings in multiple social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc. to Email broadcast with calendar integration, Text broadcast as well as recorded Voice Calls around the world from AnyWhere, AnyTime and ON THE GO, quickly, efficiently and all at the same time.

Now record your message in your own voice & language and broadcast to multiple contacts in multiple countries simultaneously on any phone device like landlines, feature phones, smartphones etc.

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  • Free Voice Broadcast/Robocalls
  • FreeText Broadcast 
  • Free Phone Survey & Poll
  • Free Database Integration
  • Free App Download
  •  Broadcast from your Phone Address Book

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