Notify AnyWhere - a Global Mass Notification & Social Sharing Web/Mobile app.

Notify AnyWhere, an application that combines multiple communication platforms to a single platform. It is a tool of empowerment, focused on Automation, Speed and guaranteed notification. Notify AnyWhere is a Global Mass Notification & Social Sharing application that allow users to notify a list of contacts, groups, events or classes in a wide range of ways. From postings in multiple social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc. to Email broadcast with calendar integration as well as recorded Voice Calls around the world from AnyWhere, AnyTime and ON THE GO, quickly, efficiently and all at the same time.

Download Notify AnyWhere User guide

Notify AnyWhere User Guide 1.0

Helpful Videos

How to send a Bulk SMS or Text anonymously online from website (This has been discontinued for time being). See Video

How to run a Voice Broadcast or Robocalls online from website. See Video

How to run a Phone survey/Phone Poll or run a Voice Broadcast & capturing responses . See Video

How to post an advertisement or update status or tweet on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - all at once. See Video


How to use Notify AnyWhere Mobile App? Watch this video

Watch Notify AnyWhere explainer video

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