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Myths About Voice Broadcasting

Posted on: 21 February 2016, Comments (0)

Companies today, are hesitant to use voice broadcasting technology because they incorrectly interpret them of spam marketing or robo-calling. This is far from the truth. Voice broadcasting is an awesome way to maximize your resources, save time and create new or maintain relationship. Lets see some very common myths about Voice Broadcasting.

1) Myth: Voice broadcasting is a type of spam.

While there are businesses who wrongly use voice broadcasting to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers, but that is not what it was designed for. When most companies utilize voice broadcasting technology, they have solid reasons for it. Voice broadcasts with IVR frees up human intervention, and it automates and allows companies to send customer notifications about appointments, emergencies, and changes in accounts and billing in a much more efficient manner. Voice Broadcasting service/software  can be considered as any email client like Microsoft outlook, which provides you the platform to send the emails but emails do not get sent automatically and is only sent when some one responsibly send them. (Microsoft Outlook is a Microsoft Inc product.)

2) Myth: Voice broadcasting is very expensive.

Voice broadcasting technology is designed to increase sales and revenue, decrease expenses, reduce human work and automate processes. There are numerous Voice Broadcasting usages and when used properly, it could do wonder for businesses and reduce lot of work/stress. From taking the head counts to running polls or phone surveys, to generating leads, sending emergency alerts, notification, reminders etc. are few of the usages Voice broadcast is utilized for. IVR is widely used for debt collections and/or donations. Political campaigns and charities around the world increases their Return on Investments exponentially by utilizing voice broadcasting technology. Now a days Voice Broadcasting technologies are offered very reasonably and with VOIP even international voice broadcasting prices have reduced tremendously and are now being utilized even by micro businesses.

3) Myth: Voice broadcasting is time consuming process.

In the past, this may have been the case. Nowadays, this has been completely changed. As long as you have the contact list where you want to send your voice broadcast, your message, it is the matter of few minutes to start a voice broadcast campaign or phone survey campaign. Even the group texting or bulk messaging campaign has similar number of steps and has become very user friendly and easy to use process. Voice broadcast and Bulk texting is used to save time and resources. 

All in all, you’ll want to consider how voice broadcasting can fit into your customer service and marketing strategies. Make sure the one you choose has the necessary tools to build a customer-centric infrastructure. Do it right and you’ll have happier customers and larger revenues. However use it responsibly with full compliance with your state/country's voice broadcasting regulations.

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