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Voice Broadcast, Robocalls, Phone Surveys, CRM calls - A technology that every business should utilize.

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 Voice Broadcast, Robocalls, Phone Surveys, CRM calls - A technology that every business should utilize.

Voice message broadcasting is a global mass communication approach that delivers pre-recorded or pre-typed phone messages to thousands of recipients and all at once. Also known as robo calling or voice blast, the technology is simple: deliver a pre-recorded or pre-typed/saved message to any land line or cellphone.

A Phone survey is a survey run on phone where survey questions choices are read out by the system on the call and the recipients are asked to press a key to record their answers for e.g;  "press one if you agree" or "press two to confirm your appointment".

Notify AnyWhere users, running a Voice Broadcast campaign or Phone survey on the website will first upload the list of phone numbers where the call will be broadcasted. Then will upload the voice message ( in case of voice broadcast) or configure the survey questions and choices (in case of survey).  Once uploaded will run the campaign (Broadcast/Run Phone Survey).

Notify AnyWhere will internally loop through each uploaded phone number and call one by one through a separate line and play the recorded voice message or play the survey questions and wait and capture the user response. One the user response is captured the response can be seen via View Poll result report.

Statistics show Voice Broadcasting achieves 25% MORE success rate than the simple mailing campaign.  

Voice Broadcasting is quite simply a skill and a technique that will need some careful planning. When you record your voice Broadcast, we suggest a friendly, warm, clear and relaxed tone. The recording should have as close to perfect quality as possible, no static, jumps, and always avoid long pauses.

Make your Broadcasts sound friendly and conversational. Message ideally should not be longer than 45 seconds, in fact messages between 30-40 seconds are considered to perfect size. The first 2 or 3 seconds are very important and should be able to attract the clients attention by addressing your target in a well thought out manor.

It is also suggested that to have guaranteed reach, Include, other communication channels, like Company websites, monthly email newsletters, Email blasts, Text/SMS blasts as well as Social Media Postings.

It's very important to have your target audience engage in multiple communication channels. It also is a good idea to request communication preferences from your recipients.

Notify AnyWhere use AMD (answer machine detection) technology to differentiate between the live person and answering machine pickups and will try to leave a Voice mail to the system. However this is under an experimental stage currently.

Notify AnyWhere Mobile app is an on THE GO Voice Broadcasting/Phone Survey platform that allows you to broadcast by selecting contacts even from your phone address book from Any where and Any Time.  This is especially useful for those who are on the fields and wanted to reach a large group swiftly and efficiently.

 If you have any questions on this subject please feel free to ask them at:

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